Refund Policy

Although a refund request has never seen has never knocked the door of the Hiccup TV IPTV services, yet this information is equally important to be listed on the website. Nevertheless, expect to have and till now have assured to be the best IPTV providers, without any unhappy customer, we value your decision of the refund. There might be a lot of issues, which might have intrigued to take this bold decision of yours. Thus you are no questions asked at the time of your refund against the registration at the Hiccup TV IPTV services.

The below-showcased steps can be followed to get us to receive your refund request-

The contact form is the best way to request for a refund

Make sure you’re using the same email as you used at the time of registering to the services.

Please include your invoice with the email, for the surety of your refund.