Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy clarifies the storage, utilization, and sharing of the data of yours, which is concerned with the Hiccup TV IPTV services. By viewing any of the content or substance or for the most part utilizing Hiccup TV IPTV services, regardless of who you are, whether you be a subscriber of the Hiccup TV or the website, other enrolled clients of IPTV, or a visitor who has not yet subscribed or enrolled for the services of the Hiccup TV or the Newsletter of the website, you assent to the compilation and use of data, which consists of information about you as showcased in this Privacy Policy. If you do not contest to the preserve and use of data about you as per the discussion this Privacy Policy, then you not liable to use the Hiccup IPTV services or enter this website.

The following information is listed below to showcase the concern of the website towards the privacy of the visitors on the website and the users of the Hiccup IPTV service.

We may use the non-personal data of the users for the purpose of development of the system administration, which helps us in the diagnosis and monitoring the performance of the service.

The users may be allowed to improvise the altered personal data they have submitted to our servers. Further, on the clients request we may also delete the personal data from our database.

We use a combination of services, which assures you having your data protected from the unauthorized use and modification on the Hiccup TV service.

Your personal emails can be used to share promotional details of the company.

We strictly, keep your data safe and limited to ourselves. We do not sell your personal data to any third party.

We may require to bring a changeover in the above- showcased terms in every regular frame of time for the reasons of security. Thus to be updated, you must have an eye on this page.