Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV, less known as Internet Protocol Television is a technology, that directs the television programming to your TV using the Internet connection as the medium. IPTV uses a high-speed internet connection to connect your TV to the leading international programs, excluding the role of the satellite dish. The service is as easy as connecting a Wifi to your phone.
Hiccup TV is an IPTV service provider. Hiccup TV provides the widest network of channels in various genres of entertainment. Hiccup TV is availed in various languages. Furthermore, this device comes with pre loaded MICKY Hop Platform that permits the user to experience the best apps which are only available only for web users. Hiccup TV uses full HD movie plat back with the support of 3D movies.
Satellite dish demands its customers to install a dish set up box on their house, thorough which the channels with be transmitted to the TV. IPTV offers a unique and convenient solution for customers who are unable to satellite programming, due to the limited boundaries of the satellite dish. IPTV provides higher quality at a cheaper rate as compared to the traditional satellite service.
To run IPTV at a good quality, you must have a high speed broadband internet connection of least speed of 4.0 mbps along with a Multifunctioning Smart TV and a IPTV receiver (Hiccup TV).
Hiccup TV support 3D-formats in video playback mode, which is lately becoming more and trendier all across the world. The audio output S/PDIF consent to connect multichannel High End system to the Set-Top Box that offers excellent sound and image quality. HDMI 1.4A provides the utmost quality of sound and image.
Thanks to the power and high performance components, Hiccup TV can proficiently process big data files, including high resolution digital video functions.
In this Hiccup TV, functions on demand allow users to play latest audio and video formats with subtitles. It also supports various formats, image settings, choice of audio track and users can also work with their playlists to play only their favorite songs.